Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Announcing dialogues version 0.9

Following up on my presentation yesterday at the MathUI 2010 workshop, where I discussed the Dialogical Foundations of Semantics project, Lorenzen dialogue games, and demonstrated the software that I've written, it seems appropriate to me to make a formal release of what I've got. Since the system is web-based, there's no need to download and install anything at all beyond a web browser. Just visit the dialogues site to play dialogue games. This announcement concerns the release of the software that underlies the site. If you don't particularly care to download source code and hack lisp, then this post isn't for you. But if you're interested in looking at what makes the site tick, or if you want to even contribute with its development, then read on. You can download the release from github. This system is tested only with SBCL. The main thing that might not work with other Common Lisps is the web server. Patches accepted. So far, the community of people using this system is extremely small, so bug reports and feature requests are greatly appreciated.

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